We’re Thankful for Teammates, Travel, and Giving Back

Travel incentives are prime elements of The KC Standard’s work culture, with our latest trip taking us to Cancun for a rewarding R&R excursion. We had so much fun relaxing on the beautiful beaches and meeting top performers from other companies. Kinsey, our firm’s CEO, even won the Most Valuable Player award at a conference that was part of the getaway. We came back home with fresh motivation to keep hitting ambitious targets and racking up awards.

The Cancun R&R came at the perfect time, as it reminded us how thankful we should be for the perks that come with working for The KC Standard. Travel incentives are really just the beginning here, as we also benefit from a supportive team atmosphere and clear advancement policies. Beyond these essential perks, we also receive all kinds of options for ongoing education. The improvement options we have are major sources of gratitude in our workspace.

We’re also happy to be part of such a socially conscious team. Our many giveback events always serve to inspire us, both because of the rewarding feelings we get and how much closer we grow to our teammates along the way. It’s exciting to find new ways to make a real difference in people’s lives, which we plan to keep doing throughout 2020 and beyond.

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