The KC Standard’s Expansion to Charlotte

The KC Standard has added another growth venture under its belt, this one being Charlotte, North Carolina. Our President promoted Manuel to ownership and he has expanded the company into Charlotte with the help of Bailey, one of the top Kansas City leaders. The branch has been running for a little over a month with the first day of sales being June 5th.

During his promotion, our President spoke on Manuel’s behalf and noted the immense improvements and perseverance he has shown during his time in Kansas City.

Manuel accounts a large portion of both his professional and personal successes to his time at the Kansas City office. He says that he owes everything he knows to the time and coaching from our President and the amazing atmosphere in The KC Standard, but most importantly the entrepreneurial model and mentality of perseverance and problem solving.

The opening of Manuel’s branch adds opportunity for those who are hired in the Management-In-Training program to one day expand just as Manuel has.

To achieve this, Manuel has been making goals to encourage the success of his company. These include maximizing on completion for appointments in the market, running the entire Charlotte market and giving opportunity to open new ones within range, as well as bring on new clients and retailers within a year.

This mindset of raising the bar and having high expectations is what defines The KC Standard and encourages our team to keep expanding.

We’re so excited to watch Manuel thrive in the Charlotte market. Like The KC Standard on Facebook for regular updates on our ongoing expansion and growth.