The KC Standard Recaps the Dallas Conference

There are many benefits to being part of The KC Standard team. A major benefit we’re excited about this time of year is the ability to travel. We have many travel incentives coming up to round out 2019. For many of our team members, being part of The KC Standard means they now have the ability to travel to some of the most amazing places in the world where they otherwise would not have had the chance.

Each quarter, individuals from all of our offices across the country meet together for a leadership and networking conference. Our president traveled to Dallas, Texas with one of our leaders, Kaylee, who has continuously shown growth and improvement during her time with the company.

One of our strongest leaders, Kaylee, has proven herself as a very important part of our team. She has continuously shown growth and improvement during her time at our company and we can’t wait to see how her career develops. We knew that when she traveled to the conference in Dallas, she would represent our company well. She exceeded expectations in Dallas. Kaylee has marked this opportunity as one of her main goals and now that she has attended, she is using this momentum to propel her even further in her career.

Over the course of two days, top leaders like Kaylee were able to listen to 11 speakers with topics ranging from how to have critical conversations to interviewing and training. Each speech lasted around an hour, which left Kaylee with roughly 30 pages of copious notes to help her improve in the business.

By hearing advice from some of the nation’s best, leaders learned how to see exponential growth as quickly as possible. Kaylee’s biggest takeaway was to get in line with her habits and to stick to the marketing systems the company uses to see success.

As for her time back at the office, Kaylee plans to apply all that she can to our systems, as well as the training and developmental strategies for onboarding team members in order to give them the most enriching experience possible.