Reflecting on 2019 Success, Setting 2020 Goals

We’re closing out 2019 in style, celebrating the holiday season and reflecting on how much we accomplished over the past 12 months. The future is bright for The KC Standard and the people behind the brands we promote because we have so much momentum to carry into 2020. One of the cool things we’ve been discussing recently is the fact that we aren’t just launching into a new year; we’re opening up the decade of the 2020s. That’s one reason why we’re sharpening our approach to setting goals.

One thing we’ve always believed is that our goals need to be measurable. As we refine our targets for 2020, we’re also thinking about how and when we’ll monitor our progress. Having smaller milestones along the path to every major achievement is one way we set ourselves up for success. You can bet that we’ll be doing a lot of this in the year to come.

We like to write down the progress we’re making toward our goals as well. Daily progress journals are great ways for us to stay motivated to get something done every day. The more milestones we put into writing, the more momentum we build for our biggest The KC Standard objectives.

It’s going to be a busy but exciting year for Team The KC Standard. Stay tuned to our Newswire feed to get updates on how we’re doing.