Recapping Our Recent R&R in Las Vegas

We recently returned from a memorable R&R trip to Las Vegas, during which team members from The KC Standard relaxed, reflected, and networked with successful people. Kinsey, our firm’s Owner, explained that attending this type of getaway is important because it highlights the people who are performing at a high level while also helping others broaden their horizons.

Christina, The KC Standard’s HR Director, noted that we were able to network with people in our same positions from all across the U.S. We had chances to learn from each other’s struggles as we also discussed our biggest victories. Kyal, one of our managers-in-training, loved seeing the opportunities that exist within our business and the support system we have nationwide.

Kyal actually wasn’t expecting to go to Vegas, but he was honored that Kinsey sees potential in him and continues to invest in his success. Christina was happy to be recognized for her hard work and for continuously reaching her goals.

Kinsey’s favorite part of the R&R was meeting with contemporaries she only gets to see every few months. She also enjoyed interacting with people who have had breakout years in our business. As an added plus, she won a few hands at the blackjack table.

Christina had never been to Vegas before, so exploring the city while meeting inspiring people made for a trip to remember. Kyal thought the awards ceremony was a major highlight of the excursion, as was watching everyone cry out in fear while doing the zipline across the Vegas strip.

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