The KC Standard: Not Your Typical Learning Environment

At The KC Standard, we believe that people who are set up for success deliver more. We don’t just teach people how to do a job. We turn people into entrepreneurs who have the right skills to lead a company. Our professional development program is centered on knowledge transfer provided by seasoned pros who take each team member from the novice stage to being able to manage new markets and run independent offices.

Each new hire is paired with a coach who guides them through the steps to manage a team and become a leader in this industry. Because our training is tailored to each person’s needs, it’s easy for anyone to rapidly develop the skills needed to advance.

As we focus on ensuring our team has the best learning tools, we also increase The KC Standard’s ability to expand. Through a one-on-one approach, we can capitalize on individual strengths, which leads to great outcomes all around.


“The most rewarding part of being part of The KC Standard is developing other people. It feels great to see others succeed.”

– Andrea


“I love this company because of the opportunities of growth and self-development that have instilled in me.”

– Manuel

Starting Off On The Right Step

The KC Standard: Resources That Raise the Bar

There’s no such thing as one way to learn, which is why The KC Standard’s training program is tailored to meet a variety of unique learning styles. From classroom settings to real-world hands-on experiences, our people absorb knowledge such as:

How to communicate on different levels

How to research and analyze business opportunities for companies of all sizes

How to create strategies, deploy campaigns, and build relationships with partners

Know Where Your Career Is Headed

When you join The KC Standard, you’ll take on a variety of roles on your path to leadership, including:

Event Manager

Campaign Account Manager

Assistant Account Manager

Market Manager

Regional Manager

National Manager

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We offer satisfying careers with great opportunities.

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