Our Team Culture Keeps Getting Stronger

We’re always happy to discuss the winning team culture that fuels The KC Standard’s ongoing growth. We pride ourselves on being a very close-knit group with great respect for the unique talents we have under our roof. Kyal, one of our campaign managers, stated, “Our company culture is supportive, motivated, and energetic.” These three adjectives also happen to be some of the key principles that guide our innovative on-site sales promotions.

A variety of team nights help us maintain a positive atmosphere day in and day out. We’ve gone ice skating, enjoyed game nights, and organized all kinds of parties to honor our top performers. The energy we create during these excursions carries over into our collaboration around The KC Standard headquarters.

Manuel, also one of our campaign managers, explained, “I relate our organization’s culture with that of a family. We all care about each other’s growth and challenges and spend a lot of time together as a result. Like any normal family, we also work together to come up with solutions for negatives and obstacles when they come along. Our motto is that we’re a company where people matter, they know what they do matters, and they know why they matter. That’s the essential energy of our family atmosphere.”

We’re committed to building our team culture even further. Follow The KC Standard on Twitter for updates on all our group activities.