Our Exciting New Growth-Focused Program

We’re always finding new ways to prepare our people to excel, which is exactly what we’ve done with our brand-new program. Our entire team will go to Chicago to learn what this program entails. To ensure the most accurate knowledge transfer possible, a prominent member of the program will lead this training effort. It’s going to be a game changer for all of us.

Having the chance to travel to Chicago to get equipped for this new venture is exciting to say the least. The trip allows everyone to be part of the process and get fully invested. This training process is the start of something big for The KC Standard, so we’re all ready to hit the ground running.

We continue to add innovative programs and build up our portfolio. With this in mind, we know we need to add additional talent to keep up with the growing demand for our on-site sales promotions. We’re ready to bring in top-flight candidates who bring strong work ethics to the table. We’ve opened six new branches in six months, so we’ll need hard workers who are focused on constant improvement to help us keep up the pace.

Our goal for this time next year is to have 10 new branches open. The new program we’re all learning together will be a major part of reaching this ambitious target.

The buzz is building around our office. To learn more about our new program and the benefits it offers, follow The KC Standard on LinkedIn.