Our Company President’s Approach to Mentorship

We often recognize our team members for their wins, but we don’t always give our president enough credit for all she does to lead our team and set an example worth following. We admire her consultative approach; she has over seven years of experience in the business, and is eager to pass on the knowledge she’s gained over the years.

Recently, she has been traveling to the East Coast to speak with some The KC Standard offices in Jacksonville, Greenville, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Our company President takes a very hands-on approach and is still building relationships with her team leaders after they’ve left and opened up their own businesses.

She’s also one to focus on character over competency. While teaching people how to do their jobs is obviously one of the most important priorities of any mentor, our firm’s President makes sure to reinforce the firm’s values, and the need for soft skills like honesty, respect, and empathy. The kind of people we are ultimately determines our long-term level of success, and this relies just as much on our integrity and morality as it does on our skill sets.

We’re proud to follow a company President who is as invested in our success as she is in her own. Like The KC Standard on Facebook to learn more about our team and the leaders who guide us.