Our Commitment to Travel Keeps Growing

During the next few weeks, brand strategists from The KC Standard will have several rewarding travel opportunities coming their way. Our firm’s President explained that there are more trips available during the holiday season than any other time of the year. That means there’s a lot of excitement in our office as we prepare to make the most of our many getaways.

Our upcoming trips will take select team members to Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Chicago, Illinois; Greenville, North Carolina; and Omaha, Nebraska. These disparate markets will have plenty of unique insights for us to bring back home. We’re anticipating refining The KC Standard’s methods using what we learn from top performers all across our industry.

We also have a trip to Dallas coming up in January. This is for a national conference that will bring together the most influential leaders in our industry. Those who attend often come back as leaders in our MIT program. It promises to be one of the best networking events of the year, so we’re all looking forward to finding out who will make the trip to the heart of Texas.

Our most recent team outings took our brand strategists to Bentonville, Arkansas and Wichita, Kansas. Follow The KC Standard on Twitter for updates on our recent and upcoming morale-boosting business trips.