Combine Networking and Mentorship for Great Results

There are many reasons for savvy career seekers to join our team, and two of the most compelling are mentorship and networking. In fact, we’ve combined these ideals and made them a part of the experience for every member of Team The KC Standard from day one.

As soon as a candidate is hired, they are paired up with an experienced brand ambassador for one-to-one training and mentoring. This initial bond is one of the foundations of The KC Standard’s success. New people feel supported and plugged in to the larger team through their mentors. They thrive with access to the industry knowledge these veterans have gained.

What you may not realize is that this immediate mentor/mentee relationship is also the first step on the way to our new hires building a thriving professional network. As novices work side-by-side with their coaches, they build a bond that will last far beyond their need for a teacher. Often, these connections turn into friendships that last for years, and serve as one of the most important contacts we ever make.

Of course, we take all of this a step further by teaching the specific skills that make one both a skilled networker and a skilled mentor, but it’s the first relationship created between rookies and our seasoned pros that sets the stage for all future mentoring and networking success. To see how else we set our people up for success, follow The KC Standard on LinkedIn.