Cheyanne and Ashley, Thriving New Leaders

Our management-in-training (MIT) program is something we take immense pride in around The KC Standard headquarters. It provides hands-on experience and sets our team members up for success regardless of what their goals are. Cheyanne and Ashley are two of our biggest success stories with this training, so we asked them a few questions about it.

Cheyanne came to The KC Standard because she wanted to find a career with growth potential. She stated, “I wanted to do something with my life that let me give back and help others, and I found that here. During my interview I met people I looked up to immediately. I had no idea I would learn and grow as much as I have but I saw a culture I wanted to be a part of.”

For Cheyanne, the most difficult part of the MIT process was learning how to be a student with everything she does. She stated that the most rewarding part is when she trains someone else and watches them build confidence.

In the short term, Cheyanne wants to achieve success in the Jacksonville, Florida market, promote an assistant manager within six months, and compete in a bodybuilding competition. Her long-term goals include opening a gym, starting a foundation to help those less fortunate, and becoming a national consultant. Asked why she chose to lead the Jacksonville expansion, Cheyanne stated, “I’ve lived in Kansas City most of my life and I wanted a different climate and new things to experience.”

Ashley chose to pursue a career with our firm because her interviews were with people she knew she’d get along with. Her second interview was at a live event, so she got to see the way our business works firsthand. She loved the transparency of our company. From there, the MIT program inspired her to become a stronger communicator and leader.

As for the MIT program itself, Ashley stated, “The hardest part was that my professional weak points were put into the light. However, facing my weaknesses made me a significantly better leader and person. Just being part of the program was rewarding, but I was especially proud when I saw the success of the people I personally trained and mentored. It meant the time, effort, and energy spent with those people impacted them in meaningful ways.”

With Nicolas Sparks being one of her favorite authors, Ashley was excited to move to eastern North Carolina and open the Winterville market. She stated, “This area has a ton of opportunity and I’m not too far from the beach.” Within the next six months, Ashley wants to develop strong leaders on her team who can run the office. In 10 years, she hopes to be on pace to be a national consultant.

We’re definitely excited to watch Cheyanne and Ashley thrive in their new territories. Follow The KC Standard on Twitter for regular updates on their achievements and our ongoing expansion.