The KC Standard:
Follow the Road to
an Excellent Career

We created an ecosystem that is meant to inspire you by relieving you from the day to day and allowing you be creative, strategic and intentional. Every interaction is infused with positive energy as we work toward common goals. Every victory, big or small, becomes a building block for the future. It’s time to focus on your vision and we are here to help you stay focused.

Our workplace is where people succeed and are rewarded with fulfilling careers.

Here is some of what we offer.

Professional Development Opportunities
at The KC Standard

When people join The KC Standard, their first days are filled with hands-on learning experiences that give them in-depth perspectives on our business. We skip rudimentary training materials in favor of real-world interactions with brands and customers. As a result, they quickly develop the right skills and knowledge to progress in their careers.


Each of The KC Standard leaders was once a new promotional specialist as well. That’s why they’re the best people for coaching our incoming team members. They share their wisdom, provide ongoing feedback, and support newcomers as they learn and grow.

Great Colleagues

We are strong in numbers, so The KC Standard’s culture is steeped in teamwork. Our people collaborate on common goals while taking ownership of their own success. To ensure that everyone is on the career path that matters to them, we’ve created an environment that’s less about competition and more about camaraderie. It’s our belief that a win for one is a win for everyone.

Top-Notch Travel Rewards

We like to travel with The KC Standard’s team. From regional trainings to tropical retreats, there are many chances to connect with colleagues on the go. These trips are one of the ways our people are rewarded for work well done.

Meet Leaders and Learn More

Networking is a tremendous part of our learning experience at The KC Standard. We attend conferences as well as industry and local events at which we meet influential leaders and business experts. These connections add to our people’s knowledge while they develop more confidence in their careers.

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