The KC Standard: A Bold Approach to

At The KC Standard, we know the challenges you face getting your brand the attention it needs in an overcrowded marketplace.

Our event-based promotions are designed to get your products noticed by connecting you personally with your intended audience. We get to the core of what matters to consumers as we share your brand’s story. Learn how The KC Standard’s creativity and passion take products from obscurity into household names.

Smart Values That Drive The KC Standard

Creative Masterminds

The KC Standard team members share a certain ingenuity that transforms ideas into powerhouse campaigns. We harness this energy to yield marketing magic.

Stronger Consumer Relationships

Getting your message across to consumers takes clarity and excitement. Our promotional specialists are each trained on how to generate interest and give people incentive to buy.

Determination That Nets Results

We empower our people to put their imaginations to work and take strategic risks to yield measurable outcomes. They learn to trust their instincts, which leads to groundbreaking solutions.

Innovation That Transcends the Expected

Convention is not something you’ll find with The KC Standard. We embrace fresh ideas and bold approaches. The road we follow leads to promotional results that surpass expectations.

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We harness our diverse ideas to yield fresh campaigns.

See how our collaboration works.