The KC Standard Raises the Bar on Marketing Expectations

Want to gain better marketing traction? Our experiential marketing events get your brand in front of purchase-ready customers when they’re already primed to buy. By introducing your product in high-end retail locations, we’ll rapidly expand your market presence and give you access to customers you couldn’t attract with indirect approaches.

Professionalism and integrity are two hallmarks of our approach. By emphasizing these values, we quickly elevate brand names.

Strategic Plan for Bigger Impact From The KC Standard

Precision defines everything we do, from the campaigns we develop to the messages we create to bring your brand to the front of a crowded market. The impact we generate comes from our culture of learning. Our people not only gain the right business and leadership skills to succeed, they cultivate mind-sets focused on goals so they achieve more measurable outcomes for the brands we represent.

Our energy, our knowhow, and our talent combine to yield huge results for you.

Values That Guide The KC Standard

Honesty and integrity

Gaining and keeping people’s trust sets the foundation for repeat business. Everything we do reflects our core principles of integrity, professionalism, and enthusiasm for our mission.

We win together

We believe that together, we can do more, which is why we challenge and encourage each other to achieve more so our team wins.

Treat everyone like a business partner

We share a vision to lead the industry and work toward common goals that bring us closer to realizing success. Everyone knows what they need to do to get there.

Always give it your best effort

Challenges are opportunities to test our knowledge and put our skills to work. Solutions come from continual learning, 100 percent effort, and never giving up.

Above all, we believe in a positive mentality: always optimistic and ready to take on anything that comes our way. Our positivity is one of the reasons we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes. Because we reach higher, and never settle for average, we grow as individuals and as a team.


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